The Ultimate Salon Quality Blow Dry at Home!


When I first read about this product on the Brilliance New York website they described their blow dryer as a ‘professional’ salon quality product. My first reaction was that this is a big statement to make and some pretty big shoes to fill, especially for the overall price of the blow dryer package. I felt like taking on the challenge and giving their blow dryer a try to see if they were blowing their own horn.

I purchased the white colored Brilliance New York Pro3200 Blow Dryer and my first reaction was pleasantly surprised by the overall quality for the affordable price.

My all time favorite thing is giving myself a DIY blow dry. It has taken me a couple of years practise to learn the skills to do it for myself – but i have finally succeeded! I love the way a good blow dry makes me feel. It’s almost like stepping out in my best outfit and strutting my look, because i feel like I am owning the fabulous look. On my first attempt while using the Brilliance New York Pro3200, I was very pleased with the strength of the dry and how the motor sound wasn’t completely overpowering. I really liked how the blow dry felt on my hands, it was very comfortable to hold and wasn’t too heavy to manage.

I have since started referring this product to all my friends, because as anyone knows once you find a quality high dryer, you don’t need to repurchase for years to come making it an unbelievable return on investment. Do yourself and your hair a favor and try this product for yourself… your hair will look beautiful after!











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