Top 10 Christmas gift ideas for kids in 2019



Kids are blessings to homes and watching them grow is amazing, Christmas is around the corner, and you need to think carefully of gifts to get for them for Christmas as their lists multiply day by day

Every child deserves an awesome Christmas gift which could be in the form of clothes, jewelry or even games.

Below Are the Listed 10 Gift Ideas for Children This Christmas:



It is a 2.95ft 3D Christmas tree Craft with 24 Ornaments for Hanging, 12 Paint Markers, 4 Craft Gift Boxes, 3M LED Strip. This Christmas tree will bring joy to your child when you gift your child this special Christmas present. Encourage your child’s creativity by creating their own special Christmas tree and gift boxes from scratch.

This tree for Kids is designed to keep them engaged and busy, so they don’t even realize that they are learning and improving their imagination and creativity by trying to create their own unique Christmas tree.

This product gives children the opportunity to create their perfect Christmas Tree with over 24 ornaments, 12 Color Paint Markers, 4 Gift Boxes, and 3m LED Strip Light.

This tree is also designed to boost the children’s knowledge and also teach them orderliness, thereby: teaching children how to keep things intact and neat.

Kids after making use of this Christmas tree, would know more about how Christmas trees are created to bring out those awesome designs on it.

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DIY Art Paper Kit 20-Pack, foldable Paper Crafts, Toddler Crafts Art Toys, Paper Plate Craft Art kit. Children will have a sense of accomplishment and an immersive feeling, with the use of this 3D paper art craft. Looking at the theme of some colorful animals that are selected, will enable children to improve their hand ability and imaginations.

The 3D Art Paper Kit is made of non-toxic materials, and it can be folded continuously and recycled. You don’t have to worry about odours, health hazards and other problems, your children are sure to have a healthy environment.

This 3D Art Paper Kit is specially designed for young children over three years old. Kids can have fun with their dad and mom using this paper kits.

The product does not contain glue. The product also brings about unity and bonding between parents and their children.

They offer an unconditional 18-month Money-back Guarantee if you have any issue with it.

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Kid Lamp DIY Kit- Glass Nightlight with Window Paint and Circuit – Creative Arts and Crafts for Girls and Boys between Ages 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10-Year-Olds – Kid Educational Toy Art Kits – Best Gifts for younger children. This product unleashes your kid’s creativity and transforms your room into works of the art kit. With this guided arts-and-crafts activity, your kids can easily create a ‘stained glass’ work of art, bringing decorations to your child’s room. This product brings about good imagination and thought; it keeps your child busy by imparting knowledge to them.

Kid’s lamp stain glass décor is a combination of STEM arts and craft activities suitable for smart kids who enjoy being challenged!

It also brings about intellectual curiosity, a passion for science for your children and an unbreakable family bond.

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DIY Graffiti Arts and Crafts for kids. This 3D coloring paint enables your child to work on their color matching ability and color discrimination. This product inspires and opens the mind of your child towards design thinking and observation ability. This product gives your child the idea of which exact color to use at a particular time.

The 3D color painting gives your children good hand coordination ability, it brings about children’s color matching, and it Inspires kids’ interest in learning new designs.

This product improves children’s logical thinking and observation ability, which could improve parent-child interaction.

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This product is a 2 Way Radio with 22 Channels. One of the best gift ideas for children between the ages of 2-9-year-olds. This seaming Walkie Talkie can be used for outdoor activities, and it provides one-on-one communication for kids. It can also be used for children’s games, it fosters the spirit of teamwork among children.

It helps kids build communication skills in an outdoor activity that they can be fully involved in at any point of their leisure time. This product boosts your child’s social life.

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Colour Matching Early Learning Educational Mosaic Pegboard, Safe Nontoxic ABS Plastic Premium Material, 12 Pictures, 46 Buttons and many more. This product is designed for pre-schoolers to develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, good thinking and imagination. It is a product every child should have in order to boost their sense of imagination.

The product comes with a drawstring BAG FOR STORING the buttons, it prevents the pegs from scattering all over, and the pictures can be placed in the storage tray. All pieces of this product are made of safe premium quality ABS plastic.

The smooth edges of the pegs are specially designed to prevent harm on little children. Every child deserves to have a gift like this for Christmas.

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This product is designed to prepare children for their first day in school because it helps teach kids how to become good students in the classroom. This product increases their sense of art and skills in order to be ahead of other kids in school.

It serves as an easy to follow visual guide without much stress at school. This product is recommended for children within the ages of three and above. It is an awesome gift which should be given to children during this Christmas time, in order to prepare them ahead for school.

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This product is a good toy that is both beneficial and fun to play with, the purpose of the toy is to put a pleasant smile on your kids face, it brings about good learning position and brings good creativity to children. This product is recommended with different colored mushroom nails to improve hand to eye coordination in children.

There are other benefits that come with playing with this kit; it isn’t just a toy for a season because as they get older, it serves as a good way to learn how to sort, count, and learn different color techniques. We offer the best kits. Mothers don’t have to worry about the safety of their children when they are playing with this product; the pins used for this product is large enough so that kids can’t swallow it. This toy is one good gift that should be given to kids for Christmas in order to boost their intelligence.

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Highly Washable Bingo Daubers; Dabbers Dauber Dawgs for Kids, Toddlers, Preschool Children, and Art Craft Supply. This product has 10 Patterns Double Adhesive Paper. It serves as fun for young children, and it can also help adult bring back childhood memories of joy and vivid imagination. Children with little hands can easily grab this product and enjoy the fun that comes with it.

The dot markers are nice and chunky, so kids find it easy holding and controlling the markers. It enables kids to find new ways to create paints and do good designs.

For a growing child, it encourages good creativity and imagination by drawing, blending, and mixing colours that can spur up their creative side. This product improves kid’s creative designs and paintings. We give 100% Satisfaction and Guarantee to customers. This product is one that every child should possess in order to increase their sense of creativity and painting.

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The imagination of a child can become a creative masterpiece. Purple skies, blue trees, and multi-colored objects are easy to create with Dauber Dawgs dot markers. The marker helps in promoting early childhood development by encouraging hand-eye coordination, color recognition and creativity. Each package comes with eight highly pigmented colors, and these colors include Blue, Magenta, Violet, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, and Brown. These colors gives your child the feeling of mixing, laying and blending just like paints.

Non-leaking, soft sponge tip applicator is resistant to drying out while the cap is off, so there’s no time limit to your child’s creativity. The non-toxic, non-staining ink is easy to wipe away, making clean-up easy and better. Dot markers are mainly for kids because it improves their sense of imagination, and it gives a good sense of painting.

A gentle application of the dot marker, gives a friendly sheet, allowing you to see and verify your numbers, so you never miss winning. It also helps in bringing out the exact painting for kids design. When a child is involved in the creation and experimentation of colours they tend to fare well in other aspects of their life, it is an important part of early childhood development because it brings out the best potentials of your child. It also makes cleaning easy with self-contained, non-spilling instead of paints that could cause a mess.

This product makes clean up time quick and simple. Our non-toxic dauber ink is safe on the skin and washes off using soap and water. Your child would love and enjoy mixing, blending and layering vibrant dots of colour as they explore their creativity and imagination. Kids tend to be calm and focused when they start to dab dots on their page. This is an ideal arts and crafts idea for the entire family.

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