My (Not So) Secret Solution To Cracked Feet!


Foot creams right? We all use them or at least should be using them but how do we know which cream to use. We have all been stuck in the pharmacy staring blankly at all the different types of products available to us. I mean how can you even come to a decision when you have so many different picks. I’m not a foot expert so how would I know which one is the most effective? I don’t want to pick a cream that’s too cheap but I also don’t want one that is too expensive. I always leave the pharmacy feeling unsatisfied, feeling very confused as to whether i picked the right foot cream or what?

So I decided to do a quick Google search about what ingredients I should be looking for when purchasing foot cream. I came across this ingredient called Polygonum that is derived from a plant and is suppose to be effective in treating dry, cracked, and sensitive skin. I read some reviews online about the effectiveness of the ingredient and how it plays a major role in maintaining healthy skin.  

It was an ingredient I had never heard about before, the more research I did on this ingredient the more health benefits I started reading about and the more excited I became. So I quickly put my shoes on and headed over to the pharmacy now knowing exactly what I was looking for this time. However, I could not find one foot cream with this ingredient. So I left the drug store frustrated after not knowing what i was looking for.

I came home that day and my husband asked me if I had found what I was looking for and so I told him I came home empty handed. That’s when he suggested Amazon and all of a sudden I remembered how great Amazon was! So I went on Amazon and typed in Polygonum foot cream and that’s when I saw it.. I saw Moraz foot cream that had a unique formula and was natural. I quickly ordered it online and because I had Amazon Prime I also got free shipping. This is when I seriously thought “ugh Amazon, what would I do without you.”

When my natural Polygonum foot cream arrived I started using it twice a day. Now I am not just rambling for no reason. The reason why I am sharing this with you is because finally after all the millions of unnecessary choices at the pharmacy, I found the perfect cream for me that actually treats dry feet.

Now let me share with you the big pros about this foot cream:

1.) For one I use to sweat a lot and I noticed that applying the cream before going to work reduced excessive sweating. Of course you have to let it dry and absorb into the skin as much

2.)   I feel like the cream quickly absorbing into my skin without leaving my feet greasy but smooth and nourished instead.  

Wishing you all the best unlocking your foot crack! If you are like me, you will find the secret in the Moraz Foot Repair Cream.


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