The Lice Solution That Prevented My Kids Missing School!


It was the start of the school year for my little girl. She was beginning elementary school and was so excited to start the first  grade. As a parent there is nothing better than wrapping up a fantastic family vacation and sending the kids off to school, they love it and as parents, we love it too!

On the first day of school, walking my kids into their classes to meet their parents is an emotional yet exciting new chapter for my kids. It is also the first day that i head back to work after a the summer break, so much to do, since i have been off work for a few weeks.

I remember receiving a call from my daughters school on the third day back, “Sorry to tell you but your daughter appears to have lice and she needs to picked up from school right away and can’t not return until the lice has gone”. As a working mom, this is one of the most frustrating situations to deal with, especially since your children need you to stay at home and take care of removing all the lice from their head. As a working mom, i can’t afford to take off so much time from my job.

My daughter is prone to getting lice and i simply wanted to protect my little girl from it but the challenge was finding something that I could use everyday to prevent it reoccurring. After the constant attack of lice on my daughter my friend recommended me to this new product that is brand new to the market – Lice Clip. They are fashionable, cute hair clips that my daughter can wear to school. The clips prevent lice from attracting to her hair, win win situation for all!

It was very easy to order! I simply searched ‘lice clip’ in Amazon. The description said that it would keep lice safely away from my daughter’s head. All I would have to do is put two drops on the hair clip and then it would ensure head lice removal and protection at school all day long. It also said that if I was not satisfied I could return it in no time! Let me tell you though, i was exceptionally happy with this product. I even told all the parents in my daughters class at school about this product and everyone has been raving about it.

I loved that no one would know that my kid was under lice treatment and that I could let her go to school in perfect.

The best part of it all is that my little girl loves these hair clips! I’ve convinced her that these special hair clips have super powers that prevent her hair from getting any evil little bugs from getting in her hair and it’s a perfect product for kids!






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