Second Skin Audio – Superior Auto insulation for both noise and heat


Second Skin Audio was founded on the simple idea that people deserve the best quality products at a great value. Designed for superior auto insulation for both noise and heat. It is manufactured in the USA using only the highest quality materials. It was specifically designed to meet automotive safety standards. Second Skin has been the preferred choice for many car audio enthusiasts, car restoration projects, and other aftermarket car upgrades, their products are also used for manufacturing, aerospace, medical, entertainment, sporting, and military applications.

Stop the noise by installing an automotive soundproofing and heat installation. Second Skin Audio offer the highest quality soundproofing material and thermal insulation for your car with the outstanding results based on the customer’s review. You’ll get the highest quality product, value-priced and best customer service with Second Skin Audio.

The quality of rubber and the thickness of the materials have been the two things matter with sound deadening in cars. Their deadening materials combine a butyl rubber, elastomeric material with a thick, high-quality foil. 100% asphalt-free. Whether you have rattling metal distorting your car speakers, an automotive restoration project, or want to create a bubble of comfort for yourself as you drive down the highway, you won’t find butyl rubber this thick at a better price than Second Skin Audio offers every day. They also have a great customer service whenever you call them you will be directed to a person who will speak to you to help you find the best sound and thermal insulation solution for your audio.


I want to share with you the 3 products I personally recommend from that awesome company!

1) Damplifier Pro™ Deadening Mats.
This is their most popular product. Easy to install and engineered for high performance. They use 100% butyl rubber and an annealed, black aluminum constraint to provide best-in-class automotive soundproofing at an affordable price per square foot. They offer FREE SHIPPING and the product ships in 1 Business Day. Say NO to asphalt. Say NO to rolls of roofing materials.


Damplifier Pro is the final word in mobile sound deadening, which makes this the second to last word. Easy to work with (using a large razor and a roller) and easy to install. It’s incredibly effective and very lightweight I covered most of my inner and outer door skins when I replaced my speakers, as well as most of the floor of the trunk and the rear wall underneath the back window, and I still have a few sheets left. The doors feel solid and don’t rattle, even when the speakers are pushed hard. It seems like there are less exhaust and road noise from the back, but I can’t really be sure. The material is easy to work with and stays stuck even in cold weather.

It smells kind of weird (like petroleum) and you probably shouldn’t keep it lying around inside your house near your baby once you cut open the package. Definitely need to use a roller when you install to get the best bond. This is the best product I have used and the staff is amazing. Of all the brands I used, Second Skin was the best so far. I have used all deadeners without a doubt second skin is the only brand I will ever use again.


2) Luxury Liner Pro™ Sheet – MLV + Foam
Road noise, especially on the highway, can be enough to distort any car audio system, and in some vehicles can even prevent a normal conversation. Second Skin Luxury Liner Pro is our best automotive sound barrier insulation, designed to be used on top of our vibration dampers to block the transfer of the most difficult airborne sound waves. Keep out road noise and other disruptive noises with a noise barrier from Second Skin Audio.

Nothing can match the quality of this product. I use it on top of their Damplifier Pro product and have never seen anything work as well. If I’m going through the effort of deconstructing a car, I’m not wasting my time on cheap stuff.

If you look around, you’ll find that you can buy just the vinyl for much cheaper per sq ft. If you’re willing to do the extra work of adding your own foam, that’s the way to go. It’ll save you a couple of hundred bucks per build. I stopped doing that years ago because I decided my time was worth more.

I guess I said it twice, but if you think your time is valuable and you want the best results… this is it. Installation is everything. If the product is applied correctly it is amazing.


3) Damplifier™ Deadening Mats
Damplifier mats were designed to outperform other popular sound dampening material while saving our customers money. With premium butyl rubber, a thicker foil constraint layer, and comparable overall thickness to other top brands’ flagship product, Damplifier premium rubber mats are the best value on the market. We’ve done the research. Deaden metal and kill structural vibrations, noise, and heat with the best value in sound deadening.

This is by far superior in deadening materials at a great price for looks and performance! The product kills Dynamat and other competitors…Try it out you won’t have regrets. Our car had excessive heat coming through the firewall and trans tunnel. I had already planned on replacing the carpeting with a vinyl floor kit and what a difference the Damplifier Pro made! No A/C and driving in 100-degree weather was miserable before. Now the only heat we feel is coming in the windows. I plan to use Second Skin and every other future project I have. I decided to see if I could quiet down the obnoxiously loud flasher relays in my s10 blazer. What a difference! One small strip around each one and it drastically changed the sound. The metal relay was cut down by about 60% along with the annoying high pitched “ting” and the plastic relay was cut down by about 40%. I started with B Stock Damplifier and used an entire box on the floor of my 1976 Plymouth Duster from cowl to trunk. I then ordered two more boxes and completed the doors, ceiling, package tray and trunk. I then found my fuel tank to be super loud from the pump. I layer of Damplifier on top and the sides and you don’t hear it anymore.

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