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Whether you suffer from type 1 or type 2 diabetes, injecting insulin is probably something you’re quite familiar with. The peptide hormone is considered the main anabolic hormone in the body, and the body cannot function properly without it. That’s why injecting insulin by using insulin pens remains one of the most common ways to treat diabetes.

However, what happens during the cold supply chain, which requires keeping a product within a particular temperature range? A change in temperature could potentially harm the efficiency of your insulin, or even render it useless. In fact, extremely hot or cold external temperature can lead to insulin degradation in a very short amount of time, with a loss of glucose-lowering efficiency. A recent scientific study raised questions regarding the potential problems surrounding the cold supply chain, claiming the quality of insulin wasn’t up to par.

Is it enough that you put your insulin medication in your refrigerator? What happens if your fridge breaks down or even freezes your medication, if you forget your insulin pen in your bag on a hot or cold day, or if you go on vacation and can’t keep the temperature the same?

The Solution: Keeping Insulin Protected from Temperature Impact

In order to guarantee your insulin pen is kept at an internal temperature of 84.2°F (29°C), experts in cooling technologies have come up with a solution: ViViCap-1. Unlike other solutions that require refrigeration, a battery to be charged or water to immerse in, this FDA-registered cap does not. You can use it in or outdoors, no matter the weather, without having to worry about the temperature of the insulin changing. One quick look at the Temperature Assurance Indicator will assure you that your insulin is cool and safe.

Keep your insulin cool year round and your health your top priority.

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