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MacSales is the best gear and the best support. MacSales are providing the best solutions to make your Mac faster, work the way you want, and last longer. They are serving for 30 years already. is dedicated to delivering products, support, and advice that allow you to go further with your Mac, iOS device, gaming console and more. We strongly believe that you can always do it yourself, so our award-winning, 24/7 customer service department is always on hand to help you with your upgrades. They have a very informative and easy to use the website. It was very helpful and user-friendly to customers. MacSales is my go-to site for all my Apple needs. Excellent service and reliable products. Super-fast shipment, no issues. I would definitely purchase from them again!



  • All refurbished Macs from OWC are fully inspected and certified by our technicians to perform reliably and at peak performance. 14-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. FREE shipping within the contiguous 48 States. 1.4GHz Dual-Core Core i5 processor
  • 4GB memory
  • 128GB Apple Flash Internal Drive Upgrade Solid-State Drive
  • Intel HD Graphics 5000
  • macOS 10.12 Sierra pre-installed
  • 90 Day OWC Fulfilled Limited Warranty


OWC Certified Quality

Experience a Mac purchase like no other. Your OWC delivered 13-inch MacBook Air comes thoroughly inspected by our Apple Certified Technicians to ensure it arrives without issue. With an OWC Certified Mac, you can begin immediately using your next Mac right away while saving money to boot. Quality ensured. It’s an OWC way.


Thin. Powerful. Popular.

The previous-generation MacBook Air is a solid performer and comes with all the ports people love, and a DIY upgradeable SSD and battery. This 13-inch model is one perfectly sized laptop, and it’s no wonder Apple sold millions of them.


Trade-in Your Mac and Save!

The day will come when you finally need a new Mac, and whether you’re trading in your personal machine or have an office or school lab’s worth of computers to trade in, we’re here to help. We’ll provide a fair offer and find a new home for each machine.

I’ve been using a MacBook air for how many years already and this is a very portable go-to laptop. I’m doing my work most of the time in my MacBook air and I can do my work wherever I go with this handy laptop. It is very lightweight and thin.


All of which is to say that if you’re looking to buy an Air, there are a lot of “ifs” and “depends” to think about. There’s always a better version coming next year. Maybe Apple will redesign the keyboard or maybe Intel will finally deliver a better processor or maybe, well, there are a lot of maybes. That is the way of all tech purchases! You always have to balance what you’re willing to spend and what you’re willing to lug around in your backpack. What made that classic MacBook Air so special is that it cut through all those caveats for so many people and did it consistently for so many years. MacBook Air is good, but it hasn’t yet earned the title of The Default Laptop.

Purchasing a refurbished item from MacSales is also one of the best decisions if you are new to using a MacBook laptop. They offer a 14-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. FREE shipping within the contiguous 48 States


2) OWC Solid State Drive


Experience the true speed of your Mac with an OWC SSD flash storage upgrade. They offer 30-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee! Easy DIY install videos. Free shipping on all OWC SSDs and easy to contact customer service. If you have questions just let them know and they will answer right away.


I’d made nine (9) prior purchases at OWC between May 2010 and December 2015. I was very happy with all of those shopping and purchasing experiences. I was very happy with the memory which I had purchased from OWC and installed to upgrade my Early-2009 MacBook Pro 17″, and then my Late-2011 MacBook Pro 17″. I followed the instructions provided by OWC and everything worked perfectly. I also bought a large number of adapters and tools and cables and a Thunderbolt 2 doc for my Mid-2015 MacBook Pro 15.”


This most recent purchase was primarily just for cables for my “iPad 3.” Apple no longer carried the 2-meter length which I wanted, and I ended up buying two sets of cables, three lengths each, for about what Apple would have charged for one 2-meter cable. (I will keep the sets at different locations.) I also purchased a 12 W AC to USB Power Adapter and a toolkit.


I was delighted that OWC remembered me as a customer. I was able to log in in February 2020 with the e-mail address and password which I had last used in December 2015. OWC remembered my billing and various shipping addresses. It also had my full order history. This was impressive. Many other Internet Shopping Sites seem to dump customers after a year or two. I’m happy that my relationship with OWC stayed fully intact! I highly recommend OWC.


3) DIY Replacement Batteries


NewerTech NuPower — Up to 23% more capacity vs. original Apple factory batteries. They offer 1 Year NewerTech Limited Warranty. All internal batteries are model-specific. Easy DIY install videos. Longer battery life from top Lithium-Ion cells.


I’ve been buying from MacSales for… well too long to remember. They are the BEST!

Apple refused to cover my swollen battery in my mid-2015 MBP and wanted to charge me $200 which was bad enough, but said it would also take 3 weeks to get it done! I turned to this replacement kit at half the cost and a fraction of the turnaround time. After watching the how-to video, I thought I made a mistake, but most of the reviews said it wasn’t as bad as they anticipated. In addition, I looked up other videos online and the majority suggested not taking out every component like the logic board and speakers. I can understand why MacSales wants to err on the side of caution, but I didn’t want to risk damaging something else like my wireless card while taking it out. I also found others suggesting a different method for getting the batteries out which included some kind of thread rather than scrapping it out with the included credit cards. I used a pretty thick nylon thread sawing back and forth across the adhesive and it cut right through like butter! As a result of these modifications to the process, I was able to turn this repair around in less than an hour and the replacement battery worked perfectly right away. Stats even showed that the replacement battery was manufactured just two months prior to my order! Fresh off the line and adding many years to my laptop. No thanks to Apple!


The kit was exactly as described. There is no functional difference between the original battery and the replacement if you install it correctly. The instructional video was clear and easy to follow.

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