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We all love nurturing and maintaining beautiful hair and that even involves using a hair straightener now and again. For some like myself, i tend to straighten my hair most days. When it comes to choosing the right hair straightener; it’s difficult to know where to start. There are hundreds of different brands and types of flat irons, but how do we know which brand to choose from?

Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way, which is why I am sharing my story with you.

I purchased my first hair straightener in a small kiosk in my local shopping mall. This beautiful blonde women came up to me and pitched me her hair straightener. She said it was 100% ceramic and the best straightener for my hair that will not cause damage at all. She had very healthy hair herself and told me that she used this specific straightener almost everyday. I was sold within 5 minutes of talking with her.

I came home to my husband and was so excited to try out this new flat Iron that I bought. I quickly went to my bathroom, plugged it into my wall and started straightening my hair, just like the women said. I immediately started smelling this distinct burning smell and that is when it all happened.


I was in totally shock and didn’t even know where to start. I quickly went back to the place that I bought it and she told me I could not return it. I spent $100 on this straightener and I was so upset! I immediately wrote a negative review and posted it on all social media platforms.

This is when my guardian angel came through. My friend saw how devastated i was and surprised me with a Brilliance New York flat iron. At that stage I had given up taking the effort to make my hair look beautiful, however my friend insisted that I give it ago, as she swore by this brand.

Let me just say – OMG! For the price point my friend spend compared to how much my other flat iron costed me, this product is an absolute godsend! What an affordable, high quality product, i have no idea how they do it.  I have now had my flat iron for 5 years, let me give you one word of advice ladies:

Titanium flat irons are ALWAYS the best choice to go with and are perfect for all types of hair. Whether you hair curly, thick, thin, or simply difficult to manage, this hair straightener is for you! It is surprisingly light and feels incredibly comfortable when in use.

I use to need to take a few breaks because the straightener would tire out my arm, but with this titanium flat iron, I can now do my hair without getting tired.

Also another huge advantage  about this flat iron is that it cut my styling time in half! It now takes me less than 30 minutes to straighten my full head and I have hair down to my waist and curly too!

I asked Brilliance New York how they made a straightener so perfect and they explained to me that the metal that is used conducts the most effective heat, while balancing the temperatures so it doesn’t burn my hair. In other words when you pass this titanium flat iron through your hair, it compensates heat fast, while making sure each part of your hair gets even heat distribution.

I am seriously telling you all to get this hair straightener because it changed my styling routine for the best!










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