Welcome to Story Click! A central hub to source reviews, write reviews and purchase highly reviewed products. We believe in community collaboration and the power of sharing information to help everyone make well informed purchasing decisions.

Story Click came to life after countless disappointing online shopping situations occurred to me. I would purchase products based on a simple product image, yet when it arrived to my door step it was not what was advertised online. Story Click allows you to read the story behind the product, to help you understand and make the most informed purchase decision.

Our mission is to provide you as much consumer product information so that you can make the right purchase decision for YOU. There are two types of review groups on Story Click:

Brand Story – Companies represent their products and provide a companies perspective about their product.
Blogger Story – Consumers share their anecdotal experience and review about specific products. These reviews are first hand from the consumer.

To get involved please contact us – storyclick0@gmail.com